I have a good work now

Now I have a comparatively  good job. for I have a fast running computer, have a better salary, have a enough space to stay, I have myown cabinet even. I need not to work overtime for at least 3 months and I have little work for at least 2 months.  and , the office is not so noisy as the old one.  I have social insurance too. with this work , I can apply for stockholder card, I can make a credit card. My family is happy I have a state work, parents can talk to others 'my daughter work at Guangzhou as a software developer'. I can save some money and do some extra work , so maybe I can start my own business in 1 or 2 years. It's good.

The bad things is only that I have to be more patient , I have to spend 2 more hours on the bus everyday. but It's worth, right?

in a word, this job is all right for a girl who has less then 1 year experience and have not a deploma in Computer.

so when I want to make complain, I should say, It's already good enough, I should look on the bright side of things.