Chapter 2 Linked Lists

Problem 2.3: Implement an algorithm to delete a node in the middle of a single linked list, given only access to that node.
Input: the node 'c' from the linked list a->b->c->d->e
Result: nothing is returned, but the new linked list looks like a->b->d->e

At first sight, it is impossible to solve it without information of the left segment of the linked list. However, I quickly found that we can not only reorganize relations among nodes, but also change the data of nodes. The solution is given below:
class node:
    def __init__(self, data = None): = data = None

def delete_middle(node):
    # Shift the values of nodes
    # and the value of given node will
    # be overwritten (deleted)
    node_pre = None
    while != None:
        node_pre = node =
        node =
    # Delete the last node = None
    del node
However, my solution is not better than the one answer page. Actually, we can just shift once and delete the next node.
def delete_middle(node): =
    node_next = =
    del node_next
Next time when I come up with a idea that seems "smart", I should try to verify it and improve it, rather than implement it.;