UML 学习笔记1

UML 学习笔记1


      1.Then how to we cope with complexity? We structure and we simplify. We simplfity in a variety of ways – we:

      - Limit the extent of our interset;

      - Select the important or essential of features of a situation and ingore the rest;

      - Break up what is large until it consists of pieces of a manageable size;

      - Examine things iteratively, a few at a time,until we have considered everything of interest;

      - Review and refine our ideas to improve them;and

      - Use visual modes of thought whenever we can .


      2.Information systems perform three principal functions—they transmit information,they store it,and they transform it. A model of an information system contains components wihich perform these three functions.


      3.Step in problem-solving process

        a.Idenfify the problem.

        b.Generate possible solutions.

        c.Eliminate the proposed solutions which do not solve the problem.

        d.Evaluate the expected performance or behavior of each proposed solution.

        e.Compare the alternatives to select the best solution.

        f.Plan how to implement the solution which was selected.

        g.Implement the solution.