Network Protocol and Packet Switching

In this lesson, we have learnt about the network protocol and packet switching. Network protocol is one of the most important element in the network, it helps to govern the security of data transmission.  It checks the integrity of data and helps to make sure that the data can be shown on both the sender and receiver's screen understandable. In this way, people are secured with the needs of receiving and sending data. The protocol is made according to the agreement every person holds so that people are having a understanding on what can be transmitted and received and what cannot. 

Also by switching packets, the transmission can be optimized for people could apply more viable route for the packets to go from the sender to the receiver. Also, the data transmission by small packets can help to construct some possible issues with the data transmission, if people cannot receive the message in the right order. And the protocol here could function as a checker for the transmitted data. From that, data is send and comprehended at the place receiver is. 

Network Protocol and Packet Switching


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