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v1.70 für Android
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Nov 21, 2022
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Android 5.0+

A game where you find two girls stuck in a wall.​

A fun interactive game that you can play on your Android device or Windows PC where you will control a girl who is stuck in the wall, you will have many different options to choose from and interact with her the way you wish. The main purpose of this game is to have fun and entertain yourself by choosing from various different actions that will perform different tasks on your character.

What is Another Girl In The Wall APK?

In The Girl in the Window, developers Dark Dome offer an escape game. 'Another Girl In The Wall' is the second game in the series taking place in a hidden city filled with secrets. 

There are some puzzles that change from game to game, but the logic for solving the puzzles remains the same. The safe unlock code in one game may be 1234, while in another it may be 4321. In spite of this, the numbers behind the code can be found in the same place and with the same letters.

We learn at the beginning of the story that a house in a hidden city has been abandoned and locked since a gruesome murder occurred there.

Some people reported seeing another girl on the wall, while others saw strange things around the house. When our protagonist pulls up to the house, he opens the door, but it immediately closes behind him. The task is to find a way out of the house and open the door. If we succeed in doing this, maybe we will learn more about this house's mysterious past.

A candle can be found in the cabinet to the right of the door. Tap it to get a closer look, then tap it again to grab it. You will be able to add "candles" to your list.

You can now open the middle drawer by pressing it. There is a photo inside. Click on it to see it in more detail. Three hours later, we found a strange man standing in front of the house. I'd like to share with you some photos below, so let's take a look at them and see what we can find.

Take a closer look at the umbrella by pressing it. If you pick it up again, the "Umbrella" will be added to your inventory. Press the right side of the jacket sleeve to separate it. An unreadable note can be seen in the pocket under the sleeves. Your notes will be saved when you tap

We should probably take a look at the second part of the note. As we removed the ticket from our pockets, the ghost with the jacket on the left appeared and took us away.

Let's see what we can find in the right cell. To get there, press the right arrow. We noticed that one of the cups was moving by itself as soon as we entered. When you pick it up, it will be added to your inventory.

In the upper right corner, we can touch the cabinet door to see a photo of the interior. You can view the photo in greater detail by tapping it. Again, the stranger is snooping around the house, pretending to read a newspaper. Take a look at the photos below to see what else we can find.

You can move to the next room by pressing the right arrow. Our attention was drawn to one of the books on the wall shelf that was moving as we entered. For a closer look, tap the blue book on the left and tap it again to pick it up

Take a closer look at the book you just picked up and click the right arrow to open it. You can view the image in greater detail by tapping it. A stranger has reappeared and is spying on someone in the house.


  • Anal and vaginal sex
  • Blowjob 
  • Boobjob 
  • Xray
  • two characters
  • Each character has four different hairstyles.
  • Characters can switch between different underwear options at any time without having to reset.
  • The capability of turning on/off pubic and anal hair
  • The choice to play on Android in portrait or landscape, 
  • The option to gently remove the skirt and panties, 
  • and more