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App von:
Joey Drew Studios
v1.0.830 für Android
Aktualisiert am:
Nov 21, 2022
499 MB
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Android 5.0+

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a first person puzzle-action-horror game with a unique cartoon atmosphere and an intense, frightening storyline that keeps you guessing throughout.

Henry worked at Joey Drew Studios in its heyday in the 1930s, a studio best known for its animated cartoons featuring Bendy, their most popular and beloved character. Several years later, Henry receives a mysterious invitation from Joey Drew to return to the old cartoon workshop. Embark on a journey into the sketchy madness of this twisted cartoon nightmare.

Many players believe Boris and the Dark Survival is a short DLC that complements Bendy and the Ink Machine. While Joey Drew Studios did not explain this, as an experienced player, I find that both games bring different stories, despite having the same graphics and gameplay. We will explore Bendy and the Ink Machine with a storyline as a starting point!

The Plot

In Bendy and the Ink Machine, Henry, a filmmaker who once worked for Joey Drew Studios, tells his story. With his teammates, he created Bendy, the most popular animated series of the time. The Bendy series ended when Henry suffered an incident that forced him to abandon his career.

Henry was persuaded to write the rest of the story by the leaders of Joey Drew Studios years later. The old studio had become ruined, and something strange was happening when he returned. Therefore, he continued his work without realizing he was about to enter a nightmare.


Bendy and the Ink Machine's journey is divided into chapters. A puzzle is solved at the end of each chapter by completing a series of activities. As a result, some mysteries will be revealed.

This game has physically interactive gameplay, as you can see. The player controls Henry as he moves around the old studio, searching and discovering what his old friend Joey Drew once mentioned. You will be able to unlock hidden objects and rooms during interaction. In order to collect clues, you must find a switch to turn on the Ink Machine or a wrench to remove the locked case.

There are times when the game gives you suggestions for what to do. As an example, you can repair a printing machine you just found in exchange for something or create a defensive weapon. As the story unfolds, the script gradually opens up. There are suspicious threats and they are black ink monsters. They are born from the ink on the floor, sometimes behind the Bendy cartoon character. Therefore, you need to pay attention to these locations so as not to be unexpectedly attacked.

A background in game development

In a dark and barbaric environment, Bendy and the Ink Machine is a horror game with action puzzles. In this game, you'll discover many mysterious stories that combine many different game genres. Game context appears when Bendy appears in a famous movie studio with a series of cartoons and is a popular character. The horror story begins with a mysterious invitation with strange content that the studio received over the years. Has the journey to discover the mysteries of this animation studio begun?

Discover the old film store on your journey

In response to a letter from an old friend, he began his search for the case. The studio has been closed for many years, and now his friend wants to invite him back to work there. Your first impression will be a series of thick ink images and animated images as you make your way into the workplace. As you explore the long-abandoned studio, you begin to discover more about it.

During the adventure journey into the nightmare, you will discover all the secrets that have been hidden for so long. The player must fight alone against the darkness to escape the giant ink demon and the ink printer neck when he or she steps into the studio. Additionally, Bendy's mannequin pictures show a sinister smile as if there are secrets hidden behind it.

The film store has objects you can use

Players in Bendy and the Ink Machine can use items they collect during their studio exploration to deal with any situation. It is possible to explore through the first person view, but you are only able to run or jump. You will collect weapons to fight them in an emergency or foods like bacon soup to restore your health if you are injured. Additionally, you will find many recordings scattered throughout the animation studio. It is possible that the details they provide focus on the fate of the studio and its employees. As you dig deeper, you will discover many lost recordings that are important for you to uncover many secrets about that bizarre animation studio.

Uncover the hidden truth

As a whole, Bendy of the Ink Machine seems complicated to play; you will be constantly running around the studio collecting secrets and avoiding the ink monster Joey Drew built to restore his heyday. In order to collect all the contents related to the story, you must go deep into the gorges of the workshop. It seems that in the game, you have to sneak and constantly solve puzzles to continue the game always.

In order to conquer and discover more secrets, the enemy waits for you a lot. The majority of the time, monsters will appear unexpectedly, leaving you feeling panicked and heartbroken. However, prepare the weapons carefully to change quickly in all situations. You can be grabbed at any time by them, and they are terrifying.

Beautiful graphic design impresses me

With its mixed game genres and beautiful graphics, Bendy and the Ink Machine makes players fall in love with the game. The shadowy world filled with giant monsters constantly shocks you. The game appears, however, mainly in the studio space, where yellow and black tones dominate, mysterious and bold of an abandoned animation studio. There is always a very clever way of incorporating horror elements into scary spaces in a very natural manner. It is impossible to avoid footprints and ink splashes in the dark corridors. The whole scene is very gloomy, created like a 2D animation but with floating 3D elements.

It has a horror theme, but it has impressed many players. The mysteries kept in the studio are quite easy to find if you are a detective.