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1.0.8 für Android
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Sep 21, 2022
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The Erua Saga is an RPG game where players will accompany two characters chosen by fate to battle evil after humanity's heroes vanish. To defeat powerful enemies, you will need to use impressive skills to guide them through many challenging battles. While recruiting new allies to diversify the squad, you will be impressed.

Humanity's battle for survival

Erua Saga begins when the heroes of the human faction reach Rudin Castle and prepare to face their enemies. It is revealed that the next enemies are monsters, and Lukahn and Lukahn are among the six captains and berserk of death. A battle involving him requires those taking part in the battle to be cautious due to his incredible power. A wave of monsters appeared, and heroes quickly destroyed them.

Dark clouds appeared after the normal monsters were destroyed. Specifically, Talass, the Dark Lord of Krocell, has appeared as one of the key characters of the enemy. His strength exceeds that of the warriors on the human side. Despite their preparations, they couldn't avoid Talass's wide-area attack. So, humanity's last hope has completely disappeared, and it can only look forward to another generation of heroes.

Become a hero by starting your journey

As the Erua Saga continues, Evilia and Dean, two characters with natural abilities to fight monsters, return. There were more monsters appearing, and Lamela appeared as well. She used these two characters to overcome challenges against monsters that constantly appear and pose many dangers against which she found hope for humanity. As well as destroying the enemy, they will accompany other characters.

In a team of three primary characters, players will destroy monsters. From basic attacks to impressive special skills, you can control your character with the typical RPG controls. It doesn't end there, however, because you can change the character and apply it to many different situations. Dean is a defender who prefers melee combat; Evilia is an archer who deals massive damage from afar.

At the beginning of the level, you have the option of summoning heroes that you don't have to support you in battle. In the case of large-sized monsters, they can appear only for a short time before disappearing. In particular, you must be careful when using skills and move correctly in order to dodge attacks from them.

Bring powerful heroes to life

To increase your power in Erua Saga, you will definitely need to use the summoning mechanism. Each hero has different strengths, and each character has different grades and strengths that you can choose from. While playing, you will also need to learn how to arrange a squad that you believe is suitable for overcoming the levels.

As you arrange a formation, a leader is established, and depending on the class of the leader, a positive effect will occur. Dean, for example, will give all allies five percent armor if he is made the leader. As you unlock a character's full potential, you can also increase their strength over time. In order to achieve the highest grade, they will have to unlock powerful battle skills.


Join over 100 heroes as a companion

The Guardians of Herdin and the mercenary delegation bring the skills and abilities of 100 heroes to make future adventures more powerful and enjoyable.

Through adventures, collect powerful equipment and heroes

With 60 stages and the hardest hell difficulty, you can mate with the best gear and heroes in the hidden latent forest and ancient Albidado temple.

Manufacturing equipment to build a strong team

With all the set effects available, you can create any gear you want.

Utilizing the castle system to collect and acquire resources

Upgrade your castle to collect equipment crafting materials and attack other adventurers' castles to gain additional resources. To protect your precious resources, you can place heroes inside each building.

Challenge Tower for the day

The Challenge Tower, which is opened differently on different days of the week, allows you to collect evolution stones and skill runes that help your hero grow, as well as receive rewards on the secret floor.

Play 3v3 team battles to see our team's abilities

Earn extra rewards by engaging in 3v3 PvP battles with the most powerful heroes.

A weekly boss raid featuring 13 heroes

To prepare for the weekly boss raid, 13 powerful heroes must be gathered, and after defeating the powerful world boss, you will receive 5-6 star gear.

Seasonal system, weekly challenges

With missions that reset every week, you can challenge new ranks every week.