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Asan Sara App Team
1.4.0 for Android
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Sep 20, 2022
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Android 5.0+

Asan Sara Apk for Pakistani refugees. It was designed to make it easier for them to enroll in camps. Registration is the first step toward repatriation or rehabilitation. It is a major problem in Pakistan, where there are over 1.5 million refugees who need to be registered. However, the United Nations has struggled to deal with the scale of the problem. Nadra speeds up the process by scanning barcodes. U.N. verification is available when users scan their own barcodes with their mobile phones. Pencil and paper are much slower than this method, according to the United Nations.

It can be annoying to protect important documents. However, you can find all nearby offices using the app. For easy access to many important details, this app contains a lot of information

Under the control of the Pakistani Home Secretary, the National Database and Registration Authority operates. The organization manages Pakistani databases, identity cards, e-government, and document security.

What is Asan Sara APK?

Asan Sara Nadra Apk is an Android application that can serve as a database for mobile apps. This is a database of all the apps available on the market. The database of Asan Sara Nadra. As a result of its many features, it is a very useful database. The system can be accessed from anywhere in the world and is easily accessible. Asan Sara Nadra is a great database for mobile applications. This database is my favorite and I use it almost every day. Put it to the test and see what you think.

Speaker Nadra Tariq Malik believes fingerprints from mobile phones could usher in a new era of economic growth. As a result of the mobile app, Imran Khan praised Nadra President Tariq Malik for his innovative ideas.

Features of Asan Sara APK

  • Directions to Nadra's office can be found here
  • Please contact your selected NADRA office as soon as possible
  • The address of Nadra's office should be noted
  • The Nadra Center is open during the following hours
  • You will receive an email with details about NADRA's office