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Download College Brawl Mod APK Download for Android 2023

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v1.4.2 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 11, 2022
49 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

You'll begin the adventure as Ken, a daring university student who is hungry for knowledge. A group known as the Kat Group looted your friends of everything they owned some few days back. In order to assist them in finding their items right now. Battle scenes are challenging, and each level is more brutal than the last. There is a graininess to the visuals in this video game. During gameplay, you must win battles, avoid defeats, and monitor your vitality.

There are 5 significant levels in the game, 26 alphabet sequences, and 6 pictures supporting the gameplay. A persona's KI increases as more HP points are received from an opponent. Get your strength back by using HP points. Get the RPG College Brawl by downloading it.

What is College Brawl Mod APK?

College Brawl MOD APK free download is an aggressive combat arcade. Because the renowned mob has taken everything, you must help your pal recover his belongings by slaying armies of foes.

There are vicious warriors and leaders in the mob who want to destroy you. Therefore, you must utilize your combat prowess and firearm upgrades in order to defeat them. There's more to it than aimless fighting; because there are only so many supplies available, every action matters. Maintain victories in the battles in order to earn awards and advance in the adventure.

If you're looking for an action game with a unique plot and complicated mechanics, look no further than College Brawl MOD APK Download for Android. You can instead assist your colleague in recovering his belongings by downloading the most recent version.


You play Ken, a student trying to assist a colleague in need in College Brawl MOD APK android. While battling opponents bent on destroying you, you will travel across a variety of college settings.

In the beginning, you have simple combat skills and a limited amount of supplies. During the game, you can spend victory awards on improving your persona and firearm.

In every stage, the adversaries become tougher, so rising to the challenge is essential. Nevertheless, if you strategically plan your actions, you will enjoy yourself.


The story starts with two characters, Ken and Anko. In this game and all games based on them, Ken and Anko are the main characters.


Ken, a student at a local university, is your character. You were attacked by your companions one day and their belongings were stolen. It is now your responsibility to retrieve them as soon as possible.

There are five phases in the adventure, each with its own challenging boss. In the extras mode, there are six photos and 26 different sex animations. In order to restore your KI, you can either gain health points or engage in sexual activity after defeating the foe. Your HP points can be used to heal your health.


Your character is Anko, the younger sister of Ken, the main character. The gang's most dangerous member has orchestrated the production of X-rated videos. You were out of the room when your classmates were assaulted. In order to ensure their survival, what steps can you take?

Throughout her narrative, there are three stages and four bosses. There are ten different sex animations, as well as five different photos of Ako in the extras mode.