Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod APK APK

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod APK Download for Android 2023

App By:
AxesInMotion Racing
v6.72.0 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 29, 2022
188.9 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the best car simulator of 2014, thanks to its advanced real physics engine

Are you interested in trying out a sports car simulator? You can now drive, drift, and feel like a racing sports car for free!

Race across a whole city as a furious racer. You can perform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without worrying about the police chasing you due to traffic or racing other rival vehicles.

There's nothing better than drifting fast and doing burnouts! Let's burn the asphalt in this open world city!

Simulate cars with physics tools and take part in intense car races with Extreme Car Driving Simulator. Around the world, this is one of the most popular racing games. Modern racing cars will be available for players to experience fun and exciting races. Show your talent by racing against other players in this game.

It is up to the player to choose their favorite car

Players of Extreme Car Driving Simulator will be able to choose their favorite and most suitable car to accompany them during the race. There will be different shapes and colors for each vehicle, as well as different functions and racing speeds. It is important to think carefully before buying a car; you should choose a vehicle that is durable, weather-resistant, and has many other qualities.

Act as a professional in this city

Extreme Car Driving Simulator features exciting racing scenes and formidable opponents. Their driving skills are excellent and they are very professional. It is for this reason that you should try your best on every track. You will need to become a competent and experienced racer, able to use your experience and skills to develop the best gameplay and make other opponents respect you.

In the race, you can perform illegal acrobatics

In this thrilling and exciting racing game, players do not need to break or dodge traffic or other opponents. Instead, they can perform graceful acrobatics, passing them effortlessly. Continue the race and take it easy. Furthermore, you can run at full speed without being chased by the police. Also, you can play in a subtle and intelligent manner, surpassing your opponents to reach the finish line faster.

Life and reality are intertwined by race

The interface is highly realistic, with the race track sharp and clear and all the surrounding scenes depicted in the most realistic way. It is similar to a race track in real life. With this modern model, players will be delighted and appreciate it. Additionally, all sounds are presented vividly, creating a fun and exciting environment, which helps players become more immersed and focused.

Size a new and modern supercar strategy

You will be able to choose from a wide variety of modern supercars in all shapes and colors. Your eyes will be opened to all kinds of cars as you admire them. Also, you can test drive the vehicles you like. You exercise control with the steering wheel flexibly and adjust the speed quickly to participate in races.

You will face challenges and obstacles

There will be many opponents as well as obstacles to overcome during the battle. Continue to try and develop an intelligent solution to go the rest of the way. Don't give up. You should be able to handle these contingencies reasonably and quickly based on your understanding and ability. Rather than being passive and surprised by many unexpected situations like this, you should prepare a strong mentality beforehand.

Play this game to gain more experience in racing

You will feel relaxed and relieved of the pressures of life and work after playing this game. As a result of participating in a race, you will feel excited and have more energy. Further, you will learn more about modern and unique car models as well as expand your knowledge of a variety of vehicle types. In addition, you will learn and improve your know-how and gain valuable knowledge and experience.

You can play easily without feeling born

This game will keep you entertained for a long time since it is constantly updated and upgraded with new features. You should know that Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a free game; you can download and play it without paying for a license. It's for everyone, for racing enthusiasts who want to unleash their talents in the most comfortable manner. In this game, you can play together with many players around the world.

In the process of talking, exchanging, and sharing brilliant gameplay with them, you will improve a part of your English. Make sure you complete the assigned tasks to receive more attractive prizes.


  • A mini-game checkpoint mode has been added.
  • NEW: Drive with traffic!
  • Real HUD with revs, gear, and speed displayed.
  • Simulation of ABS, TC, and ESP. It is also possible to turn them off!
  • A detailed open world environment awaits you.
  • Car damage that is realistic. Get into a car accident!
  • Physics that is accurate.
  • With the steering wheel, accelerometer, or arrows, you can control your car
  • Cameras of various types.