IMC 8.4 APK Download for Android 2023

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v8.4 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 24, 2022
4.5 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

As a result of smartphones, we are able to accomplish a great deal at work, school, and in our personal lives. Millions of smartphones are owned by people today, as they become more popular.

The camera on your phone can capture some amazing photos and videos if you use it often. IMC gives you a lot more options when it comes to editing your photos and videos.

Nowadays, every smartphone comes with a camera and an app to use it. However, the camera app does not always do the camera justice, which is why IMC exists. The Google Cam provides a lot more features for you to use to make the most of your camera.

Among the features you can use here are HDR+, Night Sight, Portrait Mode, Video stabilization, and 4K 60FPS video recording. With this app, you can access a lot of professional features without spending a lot of money on a smartphone.

What is IMC 8.4 APK?

IMC 8.4 APK is a photography-based Android application developed by Google. This beautiful app is the result of the hard work of the entire team. Users can modify basic features through a panel with advanced settings.

The Google Pixel was first launched in 2011, but has been around ever since. Other companies manufacture the equipment as well. It has been installed by companies such as Motorola, Samsung, and Nokia.

The problem is that it can't be updated and maintained. The best solution is what Android users want. It is possible to increase the device's performance by using the camera. Aside from that, they didn't accomplish anything noteworthy.

There is a high demand for the best Android software among Android users. The functionality of such apps can be increased, but they are incompatible with Android devices. IMC 8.4 APK is presented here with direct compatibility in mind. Pixel devices are the primary target audience for this app. Integrating or installing it doesn't work with any other tools. The experts came up with a better version.

This version is completely customizable. All Android phones should be compatible with the app. A subscription is not required for the process, which is intended to be simple.

It is necessary for users to grant certain permissions. In order to access the main panel, you must have these permissions. As with other cameras, an affordable camera works in the same way.

Users can now enjoy sphere mode, astrophotography, and an advanced 60x zoom. The 3D sphere mode was created by developers so that they could create amazing 3D photos.

Features of IMC 8.4 APK

A professional camera app

There are many apps available for our smartphones thanks to the work of many developers. There are apps.

Our smartphones allow us to capture every moment in photos and videos. Smartphones generally come with basic camera apps, but many don't offer much more. There are many features offered by LMC, which you should download.

You can now download LMC if you enjoy photos and videos. Just like any other app, this camera app allows you to take photos and videos. You can use many additional features, but that is not the point.

There are a variety of features on this camera, including HDR+, night vision, video stabilization, HDR+, and portrait mode. You have more options to choose from, so your photos won't need to be changed after they've been taken. Taking better photos is easier when you have more control.

The different modes

This app is perfect if you want to use your camera. There are few smartphones that can match the standard camera app on most smartphones today. With this program, you can access a variety of modes, such as HRD+, which instantly enhances the quality of your photos.

Portrait mode is great for profile shots, since the background of the subject is automatically blurred. It is possible to take night shots with a night vision scope. There are also many effects you can use with the astrophotography function.

A stabilization process

It is possible to record videos with built-in stabilization if you use the LMC 8.4 App. When taking photos, you do not need to shake hands. This app allows you to create videos

With features like object portrait mode, 4K video recording at 60 frames per second, and more, you can take the best photos and videos ever.


LMC allows you to adjust many settings to take the best photos and videos. There are many settings you can adjust with this program, such as focus, ISO, shutter speed, etc. Now you can take professional photos with your phone.