Kawaii Legend MOD APK APK

Kawaii Legend MOD APK Download for Android 2023

App By:
Super Effective Inc.
2.1.1 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2022
88.7 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

The Kawaii Legend: Conquest of Magic RPG Anime Games are waiting for you. Playing as a Japanese high school girl in Kawai Anime Game is the latest action RPG game of 2022. Take on zombies and demons as a super girl and demonstrate your fighting skills. 

You can fight with ninja swords and play offline anime games for girls in this new D&D style RPG action game. The world is in chaos, and high school girls are at risk. It is up to an anime girl to fight evil and save the city in a fantasy JRPG. There are a lot of legends and brawls during this period. Only in an open-world action JRPG can an anime ninja warrior defeat cruelty and rescue victims sobbing in the shadows. Arcade combat takes center stage in this RPG anime fighting game 2022.

What is Kawaii Legend MOD APK

This game contains a lot of dangerous monsters that threaten you and other students every day. You couldn't stand by in such a stressful situation, so you fought bravely. Develop innovative strategies to defeat the enemy with your teammates.

You will be a senpai for high school girls, including tsundere, kuudere, yandere, and many others. You can dress up your favorite anime characters in Kawaii legend anime chronicle with anime ninja warrior costumes. Superhero anime ninja warrior battles against epic bosses and dungeon crawlers to defeat her evil sister. In this epic sword fighting game, you must defeat your evil sister and her demon dungeon crawler. Yandere, the evil demon, must pay for all seven deadly sins he committed. In anime dungeon crawler fighting games, you can show off all your legendary magical powers, anime spiritual powers, and super-powers against evil zombies. Experience cute anime princess life in the anime high school girl simulator game, the latest open-world adventure anime game.

Kawaii Legend: Conquest of Magic RPG Anime Games is a D&D-style JRPG anime game designed for fans of kawaii anime characters. This anime magical fighting game is inspired by the seven deadly sins, Light in Chaos, Dead Target, Manga Clash, and many other anime action games.


  • High school environment in Japan
  • An anime princess with a cute face
  • Ninja warrior costumes for Supergirl
  • Epic fights with dangerous dungeon crawlers, summons, and monsters
  • Against zombies, you have to survive
  • A stunning fantasy world with 3D graphics
  • Offline RPG action game based on anime
  • Levels that are challenging