Lovecraft Locker APK APK

Lovecraft Locker APK Download for Android 2023

App By:
Strange Girl
v1.2.11 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 08, 2022
112 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Since there have been so many things going on and multiple internal projects, updates have certainly slowed down. Please accept my apologies.

Anyway, here are a few new updates! Now you can swim in the gym pool!

Instructor at the gym

Especially the boobs of this new character will surprise you! In addition to special attire and assets, he also comes with animations.

In addition to being lewd, the Gym Instructor has a unique gameplay behavior. It is not uncommon for her to change directions, change lanes, and even change the speed at which she walks.

New clothes and boobies

In the Gym Pool, students wear their swimming attire as they do in the Nurse Room. Variations in this attire are based on a variety of factors. Additionally, I added some exclusive Gym Pool content, including a lewd climax scene and boobs.

New mechanisms in the game

A new game mechanic has also been added in this area: it's called "armor" because it basically works the same way. If a student has a Salva Vida on her, you need to capture it twice. You actually need two lockers to capture these types of girls.

Locker for quick access

You gain more control of our girls as they become more difficult to capture with the Quick Locker. Basically, the Quick Locker captures a girl so quickly that the girls around her are only able to glimpse her and are confused. Unlike the other lockers, this one does not generate reports.

Fixes and minor improvements

Using this feature, you can regenerate a corrupted save file if you accidentally corrupted it using the Save File Editor available to Patrons.

  • Fap Mode now includes a lewd nurse's uniform scene
  • Lockers can still be accessed while the game is paused)
  • Some lewd scenes do not generate hair, etc.)
  • New debug console commands make playtesting faster
  • Improvements startle faces
  • Adjustments to other miscellaneous balances
  • Save the modified file system
  • The user interface has been updated