LumaFusion Mod APK APK

LumaFusion Mod APK Download for Android 2023

App By:
v3.5.0 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 10, 2022
36.1 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

LumaFusion is a powerful video editor. If you're a professional video maker, editor, producer, journalist, or filmmaker, this app is for you. With this app, you will be able to implement all your video needs.

To make a video like real movies and films, you'll need a professional video editor like LumaFusion video editor, Viva video editor, ActionDirector video editor, and PowerDirector video editor. In order to become a professional video editor, you must have all the necessary functionalities such as video motion, video transitions, the capability to increase or decrease the speed of the video, the ability to write text on video, the ability to make slide shows of images, add your music library to your videos, and the ability to apply various filters to videos. So all this you will get video editors mentioned above.


Administration of undertakings

  • With an assortment of angle proportions, you can make video effects filters for pictures ventures video editing
  • Video effects casing for Luma Fusion
  • You can copy, include luma fusion filters for pictures notes, shading tags, quests, and video editing, and sort your activities for simple filters.

Library of media

  • From Photographs, GNARBOx - import only the video editing clasps you use on the course luma fusion of events.
  • Filters for images anywhere video effects, including distributed storage, SanDisk iXpand streak drives, and SMB arranged drives, can be simplified or imported from filters
  • Use for nothing - many video editing eminences offer free music, circles, sound effects, recordings and foundations for filters.
  • Get definite luma fusion data about your media
  • Filters for pictures include notes, and the shading video effects label cuts filters for pictures
  • Discover what you need quickly by sorting and searching your video effects library


  • The video/sound tracks include photographs, recordings, sound, titles, and designs for luma fusion video effects
  • There are six extra sound tracks for portrayal, music video effects, and audio effects
  • Lumina fusion events with broadened highlights in an attractive course of filters
  • All track video effects headers can be locked, covered up, and quieted with new track video effects headers

Changes are numerous

  • Using an outside screen, show the video effects of your Luma Fusion review filters
  • With Luma Fusion, you can add lumatouch filters for pictures to your course of events along with 4K video editor notes

The impact

  • Make an unending assortment of effects by layering chroma key, video effects obscures, twist, styles, and shading.
  • Take advantage of amazing 4K video editor photo effects and shading rectification tools
  • Choose from included filters photo effects for pictures shading LUTs such as FiLMiC deLog or import your own .block or .3dl files into movie maker
  • To invigorate filters for pictures any video editing impact or shading, add unlimited 4k video editor filters for pictures movie maker keyframes video effects
  • Presets for movie maker impact photo effects

Moving slowly and quickly

  • You will be able to move your video editing forward and around with a moderate motion in movie maker and with a quick Lumatouch movement
  • Make smooth moderate movie apps movement with 120,240fps filters
  • Video records that are time-passed can be altered with filters


  • Sound levels and prospecting blends are filtered by keyframe Luma Fusion
  • Listen to your Lumatouch music video blend while filters change the level of the tracks
  • For double mono movie makers, fill from the left and fill from the right
  • You can select luma fusion tracks from a variety of track documents in movie maker
  • While auto-dodging, duck mood luma fusion melodies play
  • Channels and EQ for Luma Fusion Sound Movie Maker


  • Create multi-layer titles using music video content, shapes, and images
  • Change the text style, shading, face, fringe, and shadow effects
  • Custom movie maker text styles, including multicolor styles, can be imported
  • Please spare and offer title presets for movie maker or styles

A proposal

  • Power movie maker video editing luma fusion shares video editing motion pictures movie maker wherever you are with video editing goals, outline rate, and arrangement.
  • The Photographs photo effects application allows you to upload a video editing photo effects photograph of any edge movie maker in your task
  • Ventures + media for reinforcement movie maker or for alteration on another iPhone or iPad
  • Upload 360° recordings with Luma Fusion photo effects, VR metadata, and music video editing
  • Master X is a luma fusion video editing product for additional movie makers to modify photo effects on the work area.