Macrorify APK APK

Macrorify APK Download for Android 2023

App By:
v1.4.3.1 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 18, 2022
14.9 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Hello, I'm Macrorify and I make macros. As an Auto Clicker, you might be familiar with me.

I can, however, do more than any other auto-clicker. I can help you make your macros more powerful by using Image Detection and Text Recognition.

The Macrorify application supports Android gaming with automatic clicks. With excellent image detection and text recognition capabilities, Macrorify will become an effective support tool for mobile gamers by automatically performing repetitive actions, thereby optimizing your gameplay speed and saving you time.

A Macrorify application automates various functions, activities, and tasks on Android devices. A handy control panel allows you to quickly start, stop, and pause auto-clicking. From the long press, double click to drag and drop, zoom…, Macrorify can perform any swipe and gesture.

Create a custom user interface by adjusting the loop or timeout settings according to your preferences. You don't need to root your device to use Macrorify. Android Kitkat (4.4) and above are supported, and the app works on Android emulators as well.

What is Macrorify APK?

An application that automatically performs a certain action on a mobile device. Many people use auto-click applications to play games, especially role-playing games. They can kill monsters in dungeons, farm, mine, etc., or use them for repetitive tasks in a short period of time. For the above task to be performed by an auto-click application, you will need a powerful one. When the auto-click robot is installed, it will run and work automatically, just like a robot that is automatically programmed.

Macrorify is one of the most effective, high quality, and accurate auauto-clickpplications available today for Android. Besides the ability to self-click, Macrorify also has many other unexpected uses. They work together to make users' lives easier.

Do You Have Any Strengths?

  • Click, Swipe: Long clicks, double clicks...Any gesture (drag and drop, pinch, zoom, etc.) all with all ten fingers!
  • Record and Replay: Record your touches and replay them. There is no restriction on how this recording can be edited, mixed, matched, speeded up, and slowed down. Every touch point can even be randomly generated.
  • Image Detection: This is what I do best. Clicking on an image when it appears and reacting to it when it disappears are both actions I take. Multiple triggers can be chained together to create complex conditional logic statements after multiple images have been detected.
  • Recognition of text: I can also see words. Are they images as well? If there is text on the screen, I can recognize it, and you can decide what to do next.
  • Intuitive UI: Everything from simple clicks and swipes to Image Detection can be set up in an easy-to-use interface. It is even possible to create a custom user interface.
  • Compatibility: Best of all, you don't need to root your device! The app works from Kitkat onwards and even in emulators!
  • Optional scripting: We can write code together. Learning and using EMScript is easy. It will open up a world of macro-making possibilities for you!
  • Integrated Macro Store: Don't want to do the work yourself? Additionally, you can download macros from other users and upload your own to earn rewards.

Do You Have Any Hobbies or Interests?

What are some other things I'm good at? Here's what I can do:

  • Save battery life by automatically turning off the screen.
  • You can pause and resume macros at any time.
  • Please adjust the area where you would like me to click.
  • Display a limited number of items on the screen.
  • For testing purposes, run specific actions.

Is there anything you are weak at?

I am sure there will be mistakes and bugs in an app of my size. If you run into any problems, please contact my developer through my website or Discord.

In order for me to work correctly on Android 6 and below, you must install a Native Service using a PC. Follow the Installation Guide carefully in the app

We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

I appreciate the opportunity to be with you. Let me show you how much I can do if you give me a chance.