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Postknight 2 MOD APK Download for Android 2022

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1.4.0 for Android
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Sep 20, 2022
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Android 5.0+

The trainee's exciting journey in a mysterious land marks the epic return of Postknight 2. There is a unique story behind each transaction. However, you have to deal with people who stand in your way. New version fixes crash when returning to town after battle and technical glitch when mail was not received. In regards to the login problem, we've tried to fix it!


The main quest sequence begins with an intern who is always running in Postknight 2. Your hands will be full of orders piled up from everywhere. Don't hesitate to use the manual in the mailbox if you don't have any experience. Approval, preparation, and delivery are the three steps in the order processing process. Is it possible for you to try your hand at this job?

Your diploma will be validated by a variety of tests at the end of the delivery process. Nevertheless, the journey remains long and far away. With the help of a professional counter, the hierarchy is created. The metric will accumulate your star scores and pass them on to your ranks. As your rank rises, you demonstrate your abilities more! You must reach the highest S rank to enter the leaderboard.


Postknight 2 marks the space in various places. Whether it is a small village or a famous urban area. In addition, you need to travel through mysterious forests and cold valleys to reach the delivery location. A series of tribal conflicts will be witnessed by players, and they will experience what it is like to be a warrior. At the above locations, unexpected encounters will reveal the diverse character system.

The stories of warriors and monsters will come to life as you travel around the globe. As you progress, you'll learn more about them. On occasion, players will encounter special characters who will allow them to exchange and combine cards in order to obtain power cards.


In Postknight 2, each character participates in a warrior training course in which they practice attack, defense, and recovery skills. Getting well prepared will be made easier with each skill's own weapon. Swords and shields will be provided for threatening attacks, daggers for fast-moving characters, and giant hammers for preplanned attacks in your inventory.

As a result of victory, combat ability will be displayed; the spoils will be collected to make new weapons. Regular coin upgrades will enhance the strength and appearance of combat weapons and armor.


Postknight 2 features timely changes requested by players, and optimization steps will be carried out on a regular basis to ensure the best experience for the player. Training plans for trainees will be completed soon, and character leveling will be more focused as well. From the small village to the city, experience the mysterious space to become a recognized warrior. During dangerous deliveries, don't forget to pick up the enemy!


Postknight 2 features a vertical screen, with the character automatically moving from left to right. Otherwise, you will lose the game if your knight fails to deliver the packages within the allotted time.

It is not only hampered by the limited time of each package, but also by the rough road. The delivery riders will face a multitude of obstacles and monsters wreaking havoc. You must fight with them until you get out of the encirclement in order to get the package intact and on time.

In the delivery, the character's main skills are Attack, Defense, and Recovery. With different skills, you can switch back and forth according to the situation and obstacles ahead.

Furthermore, in Postknight 2, invincibility comes from choosing the right weapon for each situation. As an example, you must know when to use a sword and when to use a multipurpose shield. Each item has a different destructive power and attack ability. Some Knights even have to combine both Skills and Weapons to create an instant attack/defense combo that cuts down enemies.

The funny thing about this game is not just the fighting, but also the delivery. You will run the risk of refusing delivery or delivering the goods but not receiving them because they are incorrect or damaged.

You will receive a large reward depending on the value of the item and the difficulty of the previous journey if you are lucky without any damage. As you accumulate these rewards, you will be able to craft new weapons and equipment. In addition, this equipment sometimes has great functions, increased strength, good armor, so the more they collect, the better it will be.

Upon successful delivery, you also gain experience points and eventually become an official Postknight. In order to achieve the Postknight rank, one has to reach the highest level, the S rank.

Postknight 2 also spans Postknight's adventures as you gradually uncover the kingdom's secrets. Discover ancient civilizations' treasures, then travel through Quiutol, Kurestal, and Helix on a cross-country journey. A unique and memorable scene can be found everywhere.