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Rise of Eros MOD APK Download for Android 2023

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1.0.700 for Android
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Sep 21, 2022
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Android 5.0+

Rise of Eros Mod APK is an action-themed RPG game developed by The Shadow Studio and published by EroLabs. There are many characters in this fantasy story, including gods, monsters, and people.

This game introduces the player to an adult fantasy and erotica world. Turn-based combat is used in the game to fight the enemies. You have to choose the skill that is most effective against the enemy out of the three available to each character.

Choosing the right skills will determine whether you exterminate your enemies or get annihilated. Thus, it is best to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy.

What is Rise of Eros MOD APK?

It was the goddess Aphrodite and the god Eros who created the world at its inception. Many other forces and gods appeared later, fighting for authority over the world.

As a result of this power struggle, monsters and gods fought fiercely. Therefore, Ero was sealed in Ancient Ruins. The world's population began to become increasingly atheistic as a result.

After a few years, the continent of Dienne realized they had a lot of problems. Their enemies surrounded them from every angle, and there was no sign of hope. As a result, they were not protected by Ero's god.

They began researching how to invoke the powers of Eros as a result. Other forces were tyrannizing them and they desperately wanted to free themselves.

An ancient ruins where Ero was sealed was visited by Inase, one of the society's scholars. In order to unseal Ero's power, he found a way! This is the beginning of a new journey for Eros...

It's time to begin the journey!

Embark on the journey with Inase as she discovers her newfound Ero's power. There is an open world in the game that you can explore at your leisure. However, turn-based battles are the main focus.

A few sessions of romance and erotica will also be included. Eros is the god of love, after all! Throughout the game, you will have to make choices which will have different results.

Travel across the world with your team of characters to discover the mysteries surrounding Eros. Make sure you destroy all the gods and save humanity.


There is a familiar role-playing gameplay in Rise of Eros. There is a turn-based battle system. The game involves building a squad and participating in story-based battles. Each character in the squad will have three skills to choose from. The role of the player is very simple, you need to choose skills to defeat all enemies.

It sounds simple, but it's actually very challenging. Throughout the game, you will realize that the enemies are getting stronger and the difficulty is high. Develop the right tactics for each type of enemy, and constantly upgrade the character to make him stronger. In this game, you will probably feel "hard to breathe" if you are not playing for money. It's hard to breathe because the enemy has too much power, not because of the heroine's charm. As a result, it is expensive to upgrade power and buy champions.

In addition to the main mode, the game also includes some dungeons where you can farm materials, but they are very difficult.

Game modes in Rise of Eros APK

The gameplay revolves around combat action & intimacy, as mentioned previously. You should use each character's unique skill set tactically to win each battle. You'll be engaged by the game's compelling storyline for hours on end! A number of modes are also available, including:

The main mode

This mode allows you to explore the world, interact with characters, and make choices that affect the outcome of the game. There are six chapters in the book, and each one presents a unique challenge.

Defeating the powerful gods on each level requires different strategies. Thanks to the mode's rewards, it can be played again and again. Play in the hardcore mode for a more action-packed experience after completing the levels.

Mode of resource allocation

This mode focuses on collecting resources that will help you in the main game mode. If you want to upgrade your characters quickly, this is an optional mode.

The game is primarily a PvE mode where you farm resources for resources. You can cultivate exp, gold, and scents of seduction, for example. Characters need to be able to express affection for each other, and the latter is a new addition to the game.

You can choose from a variety of resources, each of which has a sub-mode. Taking a break from the main mode's fast-paced action is a great idea.

A trial mode is available

Players who want to test their skills will enjoy this mode. There are unique challenges that will help you gather resources and learn the basics of defeating rivalry gods.

The game has several sub-modes, and you can start farming for resources immediately after joining. For free-play players, these resources are crucial for improving your team's skills and stats.

Mode of challenge

Once you reach stages 5-20 of the game, you can access this mode. Since you will be facing some of the most powerful opponents, it requires high-level characters and equipment.

If you're looking to test your limits and see how far you can go, the mode is perfect for you. The game also has several sub-modes that focus on different aspects, such as speed, endurance, and power.