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Fansipan Limited
v1.25.8 for Android
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Sep 02, 2022
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With his omnipotent power and magical sword, Shadow Knight's dark hero may travel to various locations around the globe to battle evil. The most usual situation is still what is taking place in Harmonia, the home of strong gods. Players try to carry out a strategy in order to understand life in this place, solve a number of sinister puzzles, and grant the Almighty's desires. You will succeed the current hero clan ancestors.


The awakening feature, one of the new additions to the revised edition of Shadow Knight, is regarded as the greatest choice. It can be used by the player when battling enemies in the towers. It works on the same principles as other control keys and is best used to provide a powerful source of sobering energy while being negatively affected by magic. When using this functionality, cursed objects are also released. In order to facilitate your gameplay, a new turn has also been introduced to the arena. You can blend in and start battling with just a few taps.


The player will take on the role of a member of the hero clan in order to finish the material they are about to experience in Shadow Knight. You have emerged, discovered the enigma, and vanquished the darkness as a result of the demise of the generations who came before you. Players will need to become used to the intense battle, challenging circumstances, and numerous difficult choices. The technology aims to provide you the most authentic experience possible when viewing a panorama. Throughout this thrilling ride, you will face a wide range of opponents. You may run into zombies, monsters, moving skeletons, and the boss who holds the key to the plot along the way.


The success of Shadow Knight players depends on their efforts and critically important gear. With adaptable control keys on the screen, you will be able to perform the most fundamental battle maneuver. You could be intrigued by the combination of actions and sword attacks. Every hero has distinctive qualities. If you want to build the most sophisticated weaponry yourself, having a large collection of items will be a wonderful option.

Each participant will receive the assignment they must perform at the mailbox. You must complete the task each day in order to be eligible for the attendance bonus. Additionally, you gain advantages from fighting adversaries at certain points across this realm. For the achievement system with more than 100 names, players will begin by achieving the easiest goals. Remember that you were trained as a warrior to protect the tribe and unravel the enigmatic tale being devoured by darkness.


The Shadow Knight and lessons on how to be a hero will make it simple for gamers to find more intriguing tales. In unique circumstances, the narrative of your extraordinary survival in the dark country will be explored when more characters show up. Players that rely on achievements will level up and experience subsequent battles that are more difficult. Your laudable mission is to ascertain the cause of the extinct tribes' departure and devise a strategy for eliminating the dark powers that currently control the area.


Extreme Game Feeling -

Select your favorite warrior or ninja to play as as you explore this dark fantasy world in this hack and slash fighting game. Run, climb, and jump your way across several types of challenging terrain to discover the unique mystery points.

Fantastic Adventure Ninja Game -

You and your fighter will be involved in never-ending dark fantasy fights. Adventure in cities, forests, dungeons, and more while mastering a formidable warrior, a skilled ninja, or an elite samurai. Try to vanquish the toughest foes and most formidable bosses to become shadow legends!

Dress to Impress -

To set your warrior apart from other warriors, collect the weapon, gear, and rune from hundreds of goods. Participate in the adventure and invent wild battles because Your Knight, Your Style!

Simple To Upgrade -

Your fighters continue to practice and gather resources to upgrade while you're away. They will be more powerful, advance through levels, and pick up new skills when you return. Build a strong Ninja team that is prepared for combat!

Finish tasks to earn rewards -

There are numerous quests to perform; accomplish them all to maximize your rewards. There are always more than 100 milestones to complete, so keep that in mind. Obtain rewards by completing tasks that bring gems, energy, keys, etc.

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3. Once the Unknown Source setting is turned on, you can start the installation process.

4. Once you complete the installation process, now you can open the app absolutely free.

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