The Legend of Neverland APK [Latest Version] APK

The Legend of Neverland APK [Latest Version] Download for Android 2023

App By:
GameArk Global
v1.15.22083110 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 03, 2022
70.1 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

The Legend of Neverland is unlike any other world because it has flowers that are unlike any others. These flowers bring happiness and mysterious sources of magic. Players will feel like they are the main character in this unique story and go on a journey in a strange world. There, you need the courage to protect the flower from danger, the wisdom to listen to the secrets the tree whispers, and the perfect plan for this elegantly relaxing trip.


In The Legend of Neverland, girls rule a mysterious land called Neverland. They get their power from unknown sources and are reborn as flowers. Because some bad guys took over, training classes were set up. You are a very good student at the academy. Choose the quests you want to do and have great friends teach you how to do them.

There are a lot of different classes that teach you different skills. We don't force you to take those classes. Instead, we'll stress freedom and let you choose what you want to learn. Once you're happy with the class change, you can show off your skills and let the hierarchy tell you how good you are. Because the lessons in the magical world of fairy flowers are all different, you will want to stay there longer.


In The Legend of Neverland, the shaping is a very important step. You can't let the duplication happen. We have a wide variety of games for players to try. You can try them on, and you can be sure that only one person will get each outfit. Faces and hairstyles are each made on a different table so that it's easy to tell them apart. Use your own creative mind to make the character that is expected.


The Legend of Neverland has a lot of fun places to explore, and there are a lot of special portals that let players freely enter and leave places like ruins, kingdoms, and rest areas. You can go on this trip with a friend because you can choose who to go with. The bad guys who are hiding and ready to destroy this holy place will be found out. Take them on when you're ready!

Aside from going on dangerous journeys, players can also try living a happier life with their loved ones. You can live in your hometown without anyone knowing who you are and start a new exciting story every day. Try fishing, catching bugs, cooking, or cooking with ingredients you have to dig up. All to help you live in this virtual world. You can still take a break sometimes, and the resources you've collected will automatically go into your pocket. Easy, right?


The Legend of Neverland will keep telling interesting stories about what you did in this mysterious land as you explored it. There will be exciting stories about unusual flowers, and then you and your opponents will fight hard. You can also plan the perfect rest by going fishing, exploring life, or cooking in a very quiet way. Try something new in an adventure game and write a review.


Flower Fairy, Your Special Partner - Look, that beautiful flower is growing and changing into a person. Go and take her hand, go with each flower fairy, and start the amazing journey of the tree of life.

It's easy to switch between different classes, and fighting is more fun - Swordsman, Ranger, Scholar, Craftsman, etc. You can change your character's class whenever and wherever you want. You can also match the skills on the skill tree to the class to make each class type unique.

Thousands of colors, making many different styles - Don't worry, you won't see the same style here more than once. Every part can be dyed any way you want. Use your imagination to make something beautiful and unique.

Explore unknown mysteries and try new things in an open world - Realm Corridor, Barren Ancient Ruins, and other dangerous places are waiting for you and your friends to explore them. Learn the secrets of Cabala in many different settings, and you'll never feel alone on this trip of a lifetime!

Create Happy Moments, A New Realistic Life Experience - You can have a lot of fun with different game modes, like fishing, catching bugs, cooking, and mining. You might learn how to fish and cook so well that you don't even realize it.

AFK Money, Get Your Hands Free - Take a break if you're tired. Even when you're not online, you're still making money. Come to Cabala if you have some free time and want to make some good times for yourself.

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Step 1 - Download The Legend of Neverland APK file and install on your android device.

Step 2 - Open the and search The Legend of Neverland APK.

Step 3 - You have to enable installation from third-party sources. This is enable the “Unknown Sources” setting.

Step 4 - Download the APK file and install it.

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