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Toca Life World APK Download for Android 2024

App By:
Toca Boca
1.49 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 19, 2022
800 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

There are many impressive entries in the Toca Life series that stimulate creativity or entertain players in an endless world. Toca Life World is one of the most prominent and expansive entries in the series, and players can freely create a life or world based on their preferences. Furthermore, it has many activities for the family to enjoy, creating many memorable moments and making it the ideal family game.


To play all of Toca Life World's services or content, players must create an avatar. In addition to providing hundreds of costume designs, looks, and many other things that children can use to create funny and adorable characters, the character design system is deep and vast. As soon as players arrive in the world, they can enjoy shopping with new friends and discovering the latest fashion trends. Additionally, wings, bags, pets, and other costume systems will make the character more brilliant. Designed for kids, everything is kid-safe, so the whole family can create colorful, beautiful characters together.


Hundreds of possibilities in society allow players to build their story while interacting freely with everything to progress or unlock new content. The family can also build a road together with entertainment and happy moments through this entry. Furthermore, the player's world can include many shops and exchange areas, allowing him/her to continuously interact with more than 40 NPCs. Every interaction contains a variety of exciting games and stories, keeping players engaged with their content and constantly improving it.


Toca Life World is impressive because it covers all the content from other entries, like City, Vacation, Office, etc., to expand gameplay or give players more options. As a result, families can accompany their baby in a variety of events or situations, including designing environments or playing mini-games from the many entries in the series. In addition to synchronizing data two-way, players can bring all World data to other entries to save time rebuilding progress and still enjoy all services and gameplay content.


A variety of special shops can be used to create the player's entire world, and each place offers unique content for the player to enjoy. Fashion and theme parks are the most popular stores, as they always have mini-games for players to enjoy with their families. Additionally, players will be able to create countless outstanding dishes in the cooking shops, generating revenue to enjoy other activities. A variety of locations or shops will always create novel experiences for the family. In addition, people can expand their exploration by unlocking new areas, even adding and building their own stories.


Throughout Toca Life World, players can chat with friendly NPCs and relax together. In the game, there is a relationship level system, and players can increase their level by giving gifts or by continuing to interact with the game on a daily basis. Furthermore, characters sometimes have simple requirements to complete, and completing them as quickly as possible can lead to many rewards. In addition to creating a friendly and warm atmosphere, supporting characters make the world seem more alive and vibrant.


Additionally, players can make friends with people around the world, which allows them to explore many different worlds. Each player's trip can be a surprise and a new experience thanks to the freedom of world-building. Furthermore, everyone can enjoy the games together and complete some special challenges to strengthen friendships.

Toca Life World is one of the best entries in the entire series because it allows players to unleash their creativity and create a world of their own. Furthermore, it allows them to move between worlds or games more easily, allowing them to explore things with their family or friends.

Features of Toca Life World APK

Toca Life World is an epic world-creator game that you can play as you wish! This game has a lot more to offer. The following are its features:

Gameplay that is unique

There are a lot of kid's games available nowadays, but not all of them are as good as Toca Life World. The game allows you to create unique storylines in unique worlds. Even bringing pets to school is permissible in this game. There is no stopping you from creating the world of your dreams! Apart from that, there are plenty of interesting places to visit in here that will melt your heart! Toca Life World allows you to explore a vast world and create your own story!


Toca Life World has eight locations you can visit at first. A shopping mall, a food court, an apartment complex, and a hair salon fall into this category. It's the perfect start to a wonderful world you can only imagine. It's only the beginning, so there are plenty more places you can explore.

Establish a storyline

You get to create what you want in this game! Basically, there is no storyline since you are free to create your own! It's all customizable, enjoyable, and playable. With this game, you can play a lot of different games at once! There are many things you can do in here, such as having crazy haircuts.

Locate and buy characters

There are over 50 locations and 300 characters to unlock in this game! A total of 125 pets can be purchased for the most complex and beautiful world! By combining these elements, you can create new worlds that are unique to the game.

Amazing graphics

Toca Life World features cartoon graphics to make it stand out from the crowd! This game is well-made, even though it's in 2D. The design of everything is perfect.