Yomi Hustle Mobile APK APK

Yomi Hustle Mobile APK Download for Android 2023

App By:
v0.1.5_Beta for Android
Updated On:
Nov 16, 2022
21.1 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

The Yomi Hustle APK is an online, turn-based fighting game with superpowered fight scenes. Utilize the power of precognition to land the perfect blow with an intuitive and easy-to-use control scheme.

A predictive specter simulates the outcome of the chosen action. Also, this ghost indicates which fighter will be able to act first.

This can be done in multiplayer to determine the most profitable move based on the actions available to you and your opponent.

The simulation runs until one of the fighters can act once both players are locked together. In the image above, the blue stickman interrupts his attack when it hits an opponent.

Fighters who aren't ready, whether they're still reeling from a hit or in the middle of an attack, still get a turn. However, this fighter will have limited defense options and won't be able to use most of their moves.

A Guide to Playing

Welcome to Yomi Hustle.

As soon as the game starts, it is paused. Depending on the game mode, either of these stick men is controlled by you.

In this tutorial, the tutorial is demonstrated in singleplayer mode, with explanations provided for multiplayer mode.

The following is a list of your available fighting moves. Click the button for the move you wish to perform, then click "Lock In" or press the space bar to execute it.

During multiplayer matches, you will only have a limited amount of time to make your decisions. Before locking in some actions, you may change additional parameters.

The prediction ghost attempts to simulate the outcome of the selected action. Additionally, this ghost indicates which fighter will be actionable first. It allows you to determine the most advantageous move based on your and your opponent's actions.

After both players have locked in, the simulation runs until one of them is able to act. As shown above, the blue stickman interrupts his attack when it hits an opponent.

A fighter will still be given a turn even if they aren't ready yet, whether they are still reeling from a blow or in the middle of an attack. Due to limited defensive options, this fighter will not be able to use the majority of his moves.

BURST is one of these defensive options. If you are being comboed, you can still use it to escape. Despite this, it is quite a vulnerable state, and if the opponent predicts you will use it, they may net another high damage combination. After using burst, you must wait some time before using it again.

DIRECTIONAL INFLUENCE, or DI, is another defensive option when taking hits. DI affects the direction and speed at which you are knocked back the next time you are hit. With each successive combo, DI applies a stronger force. To escape combos early, it is important to mix it up so the opponent does not know which direction you will DI.

If you are not being comboed, but suspect your opponent will attack you, you can PARRY. The parry allows you to counterattack any strike, rendering you immediately actionable while your opponent recovers their attack. If you miss a parry, however, you are vulnerable to delayed attacks. In addition, parrying always loses to grab moves.

The SUPER METER in the corner of your screen will fill up as you land attacks, parry opponents' attacks, and move toward your opponent. You gain a SUPER LEVEL when it is fully filled.

You can spend super levels on SUPER MOVES. Super moves are very powerful, and the amount of super levels required for different super moves varies.