ViMusic APK Descargar para Android 2024

Aplicación por:
v0.5.4 para Android
Actualizado en:
nov. 23, 2022
2.6 MB
Android requerido:
Android 5.0+

ViMusic lets you play YouTube Music songs without any restrictions. You can search for songs by tapping the search section. The song you want to listen to will appear after that. Using the search box, you can find songs, artists, videos, or playlists.

ViMusic provides background playback, so you can listen to songs even when the app is minimized or if the screen is off. When you listen to a song, it is stored in the cache, so that you can play it later, even when you are offline.

Songs in your listening list can be rearranged or shuffled as you wish. Other features include song lyrics display, skipping silences in tracks, using dark or light themes, setting a timer to stop playback after a certain period of time, and playing YouTube links directly from the app. If you want to listen to a podcast in the background, you can play any YouTube link in the background.

If you're looking for a music player that works with YouTube Music, download the ViMusic APK.

What is ViMusic APK?

ViMusic APK is a music streaming app which gives access to Youtube Music for free of cost. Your favorite music can be listened to without restrictions on YouTube Music with the app. Youtube Music hosts millions of songs and is one of the best music streaming apps, but it is not completely accessible. ViMusic app allows you to access Youtube Music completely and listen to your favorite songs. The ViMusic is a very simple-to-use app.

ViMusic has a very user-friendly interface and design. The navigation panel is always visible, so you can navigate throughout the app easily. Playback is available on the ViMusic. Music can be played in the background using ViMusic's playback features. ViMusic playback system allows you to be totally free of any interruption, whether you are working or just want to relax. You can listen to your history of songs that you have listened to later with ViMusic. This means that with ViMusic you can enjoy music even if you have offline or dont have access to the internet for any reason.

ViMusic allows you to customize your playlists. Songs can be added or removed according to your preferences. You can also arrange the songs in the order in which you want to hear them. Furthermore, you can manage your local playlists with this app. Your local music on your Android phone can be synchronized with this app, so you can access both and enjoy them simultaneously.

Features of ViMusic APK

Youtube Music Streaming Player

ViMusic is a streaming app that allows you to listen to music from Youtube Music easily. Through a search bar, you can easily find your favorite songs, artists, and albums. Playback allows you to change songs without opening the app and browse the entire playlist.

Offline listen

Music can also be listened to offline through the app. Your searched or listened to music is stored in the cache, so you can listen to it later at your convenience. It is not necessary to download them as well. In this case, it is an automatic process.

Create your own playlists

Your playlists can be customized accordingly. Add your favorite songs to your playlist, or create multiple playlists to accommodate different moods and settings.

Each song's lyrics are available

Lyrics can sometimes enhance your enjoyment of music. The ViMusic app gives you lyrics for the music you are listening to. The music and lyrics are also enjoyable.