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v1.0.7 Pour Android
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oct. 06, 2022
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Android 5.0+

Rise of Eros is an RPG for adults. Graphically, this game is one of the most advanced on Android. In Rise of Eros, the story takes place on the continent of Dienne. Thousands of years ago, two deities were created there by the most passionate desires of humans: Eros and Aphrodite. More deities were born until they died fighting in the Great War of the Gods over time. An ancient relic sealed Eros inside after he won this war.

Even without the gods, several civilizations emerged and prospered thousands of years later. As the game's protagonist, Inase, attempts to resurrect her lover and, in the process, accidentally breaks the relic's seal and awakens Eros, who seeks to regain his powers with new concubines.

It's really easy to play. A turn-based combat system will allow you to control a variety of characters. Each one has three special abilities, which can be related to attack, defense, or healing. You will fight to defeat the enemies you encounter along the way with them. As you progress through levels, you'll see scenes that advance the story. Only players over 18 can download the game because most of these scenes contain erotic content.

The characters can be customized by buying uniforms, wardrobes, and provocative clothing. Your sexy animations will also unlock as you earn their trust.

Android users who are looking for an RPG for adults should check out Rise of Eros APK.


At the beginning of time, there were two power factions in the world: the goddess Aphrodite and the god Eros. The world was taken over by many other forces and gods later on, and they all fought for dominance.

A fierce battle ensued between the gods and monsters as a result of this power struggle. This resulted in the sealing of the god Ero in Ancient Ruins. As a result, the number of atheists in the world began to rise.

Several years passed, and the continent of Dienne realized they had a lot of problems. The group was surrounded by enemies on all sides, and there was no sign of hope. Ero, the god of protection, did not protect them.

Therefore, they began researching how to invoke the powers of Eros. To escape the tyranny of other forces, they desperately sought to save themselves.

Inase, one of the society's scholars, visited the Ancient Ruins where Ero had been sealed. It wasn't easy, but he managed to unseal Ero's power! A new journey begins for Eros.

It's time for the journey to begin!

Inase walks the journey with her newly discovered Ero's power. There is an open world in the game, which you can explore at your leisure. However, turn-based battles are the main focus.

There will also be a few sessions of romance and erotica thrown in. Love is the virtue of Eros, after all! Different outcomes will be achieved based on the choices you make throughout the game.

Travel across the world to uncover the mysteries surrounding Eros with a team of characters. Make sure you destroy all the gods and save humanity.