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Drift Ride Mod APK Unduh untuk Android 2022

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By DOCrip
v1.52 untuk Android
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Sep 26, 2022
90 MB
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Android 5.0+

Drift Ride - Traffic Racing is a world of uncompromising racing with thousands of racers from all over the world participating. Would you like to join the racing family? With a collection of cars from famous brands, we welcome you to our website. Additionally, you can customize and redesign your race warrior according to your preferences.

Raptors are controlled by police

Drift Ride has added more police to the track with the latest update. A powerful referee system now controls the game between racers, which is considered a bold move. Their state-of-the-art monitoring equipment doesn't miss even the slightest mistake made by cheating racers.

Experiential opportunities without limits

In Drift Ride, players are not limited by any boundaries. Players will enjoy a diverse racing system with difficulty upgrading as they progress through the levels. You can drive without brakes on an empty highway or even demonstrate your speed control skills on the streets at night when everyone is sleeping. The sandy and windy desert field is also one of the best recommendations for you.

An important car's features

Racers benefit from a delicious, superior car in terms of parameters in addition to smart tactics. With a collection of cars to choose from, you can create the ace that holds the championship trophy in the battle of speed. Additionally, you can paint your old car in your favorite color, and design your own bold logo.

A true speed battle awaits you

An amazing virtual reality graphics system faithfully recreates the battle on the track between the top racers. A unique experience is also brought by the sound of the car engine dropping the brakes downhill extremely smoothly, or the sound of the engine when accelerating to maximum speed.

Weather surprises pose a challenge

Furthermore, Drift Ride offers you night and day modes depending on your preferences, and the weather system increases the difficulty of the speed battle when the road is snowing and raining.


Hardcore Racing Game, Real Physics, Extreme Racing, Heavy Traffic, Cops, Drift !

  • Realistic Physics
  • Drift
  • Police
  • Highest Speed
  • Real Traffic
  • Atmospheric Graphics
  • Hardcore, Action Gameplay
  • Rivals in the Races
  • A lot of Routes with Different Difficulty and Random Environment
  • Variety of Weather Conditions
  • Night Racing
  • Cars with Different Characteristics and Handling