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Isikato APK Unduh untuk Android 2023

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v4.5 untuk Android
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Sep 22, 2022
4.9 MB
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Android 5.0+

Isikato APK is fast, secure, and reliable. Small and advanced institutions and organizations can create the prerequisites and meet the needs of their employees and families with a secure, suitable, and fast platform, freeing the members of the center near their residence or party.

Based on the manager's belief and opinion and based on salary or adjusted credit limit (cash or installment from salary), the member's family can make independent purchases using the parent's card.

What is Isikato APK?

Aside from being fast, reliable, and secure, the Izikato application is also easy to use. Providing a safe, suitable, and fast platform for all small and advanced organizations and institutions, creating the conditions and meeting the needs of employees and their families, while allowing the contracting party to select members from the nearest centers, based on necessity and need, near their place of residence or work. 

According to credit and opinion of the managers and salary or based on the coordinated credit limit (deduction in cash or installments from salary) and service insurance (in the event of an accident, the responsibility of settling the account is (not an heir) the family can use the credit of the members to buy without relying on the guardian's card.

Features of Isikato APK

  • There are no duplicate sacrifice cards.
  • From the beginning of the war until the end, military service and volunteer service at the front are sacrificed.
  • A later time period
  • Separated from the identifying information is the information stored in the system.
  • Those who served in the front line from the beginning to the end of the war are awarded sacrifice cards.