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One Shot at Love Mod APK Unduh untuk Android 2024

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Genius Yaoi Studio Inc.
v3.0.23 untuk Android
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Nov 22, 2022
62.2 MB
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Android 5.0+


After many losses, the Sea Dragons' only hope of regaining their footing is to find a new coach. That's where you come in.

Former pro players like you could contribute to the team's success, but after cycling through so many unreliable mentors, many members are weary.

It'll take some time before you're able to break through their icy barriers and start training them. Are you going to lead the team to victory with your passion, or will they fade away from glory forever?

A character

The Hopeful Captain — Yamato

Yamato has been through failure after failure as captain of the Sea Dragons. It has made him skeptical of new leadership, along with the retinue of coaches.

Until they find a coach who can inspire the players, he's prepared to support them to the end. Is it possible to soothe Yamato's unease and become more than just his coach?

A player with an ego - Noa

Noa, the team's confrontational Ace, doesn't like taking orders from a new coach. Although he knows his team needs help, he is confident that his performance is unrelated to the problem.

There is a lot that Noa can contribute to the Sea Dragons, but it will take some time to get him to deal with his own issues. Is a new coach like you what Noa needs to mend his wounded ego and heal his heart?

The genius in the shadows — Toji

Rather than taking center stage, Toji prefers to stand back and watch others. As the brain of the team, he is gifted with strong analytical abilities.

At first, he seems disinterested in socializing with the team, but is he doing so on purpose, or is there more to his shyness? Do you have what it takes to open Toji's heart as their new coach?

Feature of One Shot at Love Mod APK

  • You can skip the tutorial even if you're an experienced player and this is your second, third, or fourth alt account. During the beginner's lesson, you get free gear and rewards - some of the most expensive items in the game.
  • See more and more advertisements to earn daily money incentives.
  • You can earn better currency by participating in everyday events.
  • Practice offline or PVE modes to improve performance. There is no reason to miss any Unleashed events.
  • The store's advertisement packs can be used to obtain cash. Every so many hours, there are also free packs available.
  • Get tips from gamers by watching videos on YouTube or Twitch.
  • Engage in a wide variety of playstyles and opponents.