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Otaku Adventure APK Android Unduh untuk Android 2024

Aplikasi oleh:
XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
v1.3.0 untuk Android
Diperbarui pada:
Nov 15, 2022
576 MB
Diperlukan Android:
Android 5.0+

Otaku's Adventure is an original adventure game featuring manga-anime graphics as well as an unusual gameplay presentation. Participants are able to retake the story of the main character in different ways. According to the holy tradition of interesting entertainment, he finds himself in a very difficult situation and meets many new people. He clearly had a reason for bringing that into his life. Originality, non-linearity, several dozen finals, mini-games, a selection system and a lot of humor will not leave indifferent any fan of really outstanding games.

The story of a boy who loves anime and manga. After years without a girlfriend, he suddenly found himself in the middle of an adventure with a variety of vayfu. As you progress, we will collect items and use them in the right places, but often it turns into taps in all possible places. In this game, we play as an "otaku", or a boy who is obsessed with anime and manga. As a result, he will go on a journey with vayfu, and gamers on Android can join him.

There are 30 minutes of gameplay available in the Otaku's Adventure demo. Then we'll see how Otaku goes on a date with a girl he met online and how his morning routine goes.

An immersive and thrilling story for a new exploration

With its innovative storytelling style and effective visual effects, Otaku's Adventure gives people a new feeling. It is easier to make an impression when all characters have a certain personality or performance that people recognize. In addition, the color combinations and scene changes have boundless humor to provide positive experiences for all, regardless of whether the scenes are emotional or not.

Exciting story escalation for extreme entertainment

The game has an interesting narrative style, as well as many humorous scenes that constantly surprise the player. Their preparations are disrupted by illogical choices in exchange for the characters' humor because of those things. Many scenarios can arise according to the player’s choices and, at the same time, open up many new elements to add to their future decisions and more.

Characters with well-developed personalities

One of the biggest problems for players in Otaku's Adventure is the variety of characters, each of which has their own problems. Despite everything being geared toward entertainment, female characters often change dramatically to create a novel experience where people often entertain one another. If the player successfully creates an impression or attracts the girls’ feelings, many of their secret progress or attitudes will change and be shown realistically and vividly.

A comprehensive choice system allows you to decide everything

Players can progress the plot smoothly by making choices for each character according to their preferences. When each character's attitude, interactions, and emotions are real, this also gradually creates many new variations in the future. In other words, the game’s endings are constantly changing based on choices, so players can enjoy exploring or witnessing new changes like each character.

Mini-games with excellent references that are enjoyable

As additional content in Otaku's Adventure, mini-games can change the mood or create new scenarios for players. A perfect score in mini-games is also necessary so that the player can better understand each character and their emotions. With a creative storyline, the mini-games will also change constantly based on every situation the player faces, so everyone can have more fun.

Solve the hardest puzzles using your wits

Throughout the game, puzzles will seamlessly intertwine with gameplay to provide everyone with a relaxing and exciting experience. In addition to creativity or IQ challenges, many of the games also involve characters requiring players to make the right decisions. The puzzle change is vivid and promises to bring discoveries as the plot gradually unfolds with new potentials to diversify.

Otaku's Adventure will take players on a new journey with its rich content and more than 35 different endings. Even the references are clearly expressed, making everyone's emotions stimulated when witnessing a variety of interesting things. Additionally, all the characters have many beautiful and outstanding characteristics.


  • Get ready for a thrilling and romantic adventure, and let your Otaku energy loose!
  • You can unlock 35+ endings by following three different routes
  • Play a variety of funny mini-games ranging from shooting games to turn-based RPG battles to solve the ingenious puzzles
  • Discover Waifu's untold story with the brand new DLC free of charge
  • Immerse yourself in the new voice-acting for Waifu and (´・ω・`) as well as Gohard's original Cantonese voice-acting
  • Discover anime and game references to test your Otaku-ness