Sword Art Online VS APK APK

Sword Art Online VS APK Scaricare per Android 2024

App di:
Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
v1.0.12 per Android
Aggiornato su:
nov 21, 2022
127 MB
Android richiesto:
Android 5.0+

Players from all over the world have embraced the SAO game series from developer Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Every SAO edition includes noteworthy features that let gamers always feel original when playing. This is also true of Sword Art Online VS. This 10-year-old version has now been made available on mobile devices.

Right now, you can change into any of your favourite characters and travel with fantastic companions around the fantasy world. To play this game right away, download it from Google Play using the APK link provided below this page. Additionally, you can make friends all around the world and communicate with them in a variety of ways.

Completely original plot

In contrast to other iterations, Sword Art Online VS's story is essentially brand-new. More precisely, the life of the character Kirito served as inspiration for this game. He didn't intend for him and his buddies to hear stories about the amnesiac game Cross Edge. They utilised Cross Edge to begin their investigation into this rumour.

All the reports were true, as expected, and the gang was ambushed by enigmatic game enemies. You will fight with your favourite anime characters in gruelling battles in order to escape this game. With their destructive power, ominous bosses like The Gleam Eyes will undoubtedly make things difficult for you. You should use this opportunity to showcase your skills in team management.

Create your own hero army.

In Sword Art Online VS, players won't have a special hero by their side. Instead, you are free to recruit well-known characters into your army of heroes. Players can control any three of the well-known SAO series characters in ruthless combat.

Each character will have their own unique appearance, combat style, and skills, which makes it unique. To create the best squad possible in this game, you must carefully read the facts about each hero. Additionally, players can alter the appearance of the characters to their liking by choosing from a number of accessible accessories. If you want to notice the difference right away, try changing the colour of their character.

Undertake epic battles side by side with teammates

After making a good choice for a hero, the action-packed turn-based combat will begin. Every battle will feature a unique set of battlefields and the appearance of formidable Bosses. It is now appropriate for you to employ your character's unique sword talent to defeat the adversary.

To effectively combat the game's many Boss names, you must be able to switch between attack and defence. Additionally, the characters will attack the adversary on their own; all you need to do is tap the skill icons on the screen to enable them to use their power. The basic objective of the game is to work together as a team to combat strong monsters and complete challenging missions.

Enhance the characters' strength

To win the toughest battles in Sword Art Online VS, players must constantly level up their characters. Your character can efficiently increase their attack or defensive numbers with the aid of several abilities cards. You can beat any foe you choose when the protagonists' strength reaches its peak. Additionally, remember to equip premium items to boost their power.

Superior 3D graphics

Players can still experience Sword Art Online VS with top-notch visuals, just like in earlier SAO iterations. All of the game's material has been carefully considered in terms of the graphics that will undoubtedly provide you unforgettable experiences. Additionally, the audio side is also extremely effectively represented by the fact that all characters have voices and that different sounds are produced during conflicts. Overall, this game's graphics and audio will undoubtedly satisfy you.

Features of Sword Art Online VS APK

Unique sao battle system

Switch between offense and defense to take down vicious bosses using character-specific Sword Skills!

Use parries to counter special attacks from your enemies! Unleash the true power of your characters on the battlefield by awakening them!

The storyline is all new and original

Featuring Cross Edge, a VR action game created by a genius middle schooler, experience a brand new story with Kirito and his friends.

Who is this new, original character Layla?

Create the party of your dreams

Choose three characters you love from SAO and control them in battle.

The characters each have their own special techniques and skills, so make sure you form parties to exploit your opponents' weaknesses!

Make your characters stronger

Raise the power of your characters by equipping them with Ability Cards!

Make the most of your strengths or minimize your weaknesses! Make your party epic by strategically equipping cards!

Characters that can be customized

Personalize your characters by equipping them with different accessories and changing their clothes.

You can also add specific characters to your party for special interactions only available in SAOVS.

Let's go on the latest SAO adventure, shall we?

Play! Put your swords up!