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v1.0.700 voor Android
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nov 23, 2022
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Android 5.0+

Yokoso Rise of Eros APK is an action-themed RPG game developed by The Shadow Studio and published by EroLabs. There are many characters in the story, including gods, monsters, and people.

A world of adult fantasy and erotica awaits the player in this game. In the game, players form squads and engage in turn-based combat with their enemies. A character has three skills, and you must choose the one that will be most effective against the enemy.

It is important to choose skills carefully since this will determine whether you exterminate the enemy or annihilate yourself. Therefore, it is best to think about the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy.

What is Yokoso Rise of Eros APK?

Yokoso Rise of Eros requires a rather high system requirement, so not all emulators will be able to deliver a smooth playing experience. At the beginning of time, Eros and Aphrodite, the Greek goddesses of love and beauty, originated from primal sexual drives. Aphrodite was the goddess of beauty, and Eros was the god of love. With the advancement of society, humans' inclinations and wants evolved. The result was the birth of an increasing number of gods, resulting in the "Great War of the Gods." However, Eros was imprisoned in an antique relic by Aphrodite because of her treachery. Due to this, the world was left without gods for a considerable period of time.

Today, Dienne is home to a variety of cultures spanning several thousand years. People on Dienne developed these cultures as they struggled for survival without gods or other supernatural beings. When Inase, a scholar from another era, is trying to bring her deceased boyfriend back to life, Eros is accidentally brought back to life by Inase. His newly acquired concubines help him piece together the fragments of his past and recover his shattered powers. The first game of its kind, Yokoso Rise of Eros is aimed at adults and features AAA-quality graphics and gameplay. Using the latest character modeling techniques and a custom shader, each goddess appears to have incredibly realistic skin and face textures.

You simply have to take every stunning goddess under your wing and make her your own, whether she's wearing a corset, a dress, or even a uniform. Whatever she wears - a dress, a corset, or even a uniform - her figure is flawless. Let them work up an appetite, and then show them all the delicious foods that can be found outside. Whether you are attempting to lower the health of bosses or explore the area, combat should feel natural and be easy to react to. Regardless of the fight's objective, this is true. Give yourself the upper hand by generating tremors all around you and shaking everything in your path with powerful moves.

You will encounter goddesses who specialize in various professions as you travel and discover new things. You have developed your own unique fighting style through trial and error using various combinations of party members and equipment as you face every new threat. The control of distinctive Relics can provide you with powerful Ultimate abilities and give you a strategic advantage over your opponents. When you get to know your goddesses, you'll be able to adjust speed and angle, and you'll understand what turns them on. In addition, you will be able to find out what turns them on and what positions they prefer.


Two power factions were created at the beginning of time: the goddess Aphrodite and the god Eros. Later, however, many other forces and gods emerged, and they all fought for dominance.

As a result of this power struggle, the gods and monsters engaged in a fierce battle. Thus, the god Ero was sealed in the Ancient Ruins. Thus, atheism began to increase among the world's people.

The continent of Dienne realized they were facing a lot of problems after many years. Their enemies surrounded them from all sides, and there was no sign of hope. Ero, the god of protection, did not protect them.

Therefore, they began researching how to invoke Eros' powers. Trying desperately to escape other forces' tyranny, they desperately wanted freedom.

One of society's scholars visited the Ancient Ruins where Ero was sealed. The power of Ero has been unsealed by him! This is the beginning of a new journey for Eros.


The goddesses' preferred sexual positions can be discovered by players. You will encounter the goddesses in sizzling scenes where you can easily change the speed and angle, learn about what makes them tick, and discover their preferred positions, so you can experience joys that go beyond the world of mortals.

The combat system in Yokoso Rise of Eros APK is fast, intuitive, reactive, and responsive, whether you're exploring worlds or slashing your way out of boss battles. Use earth-shattering special attacks to dominate the battlefield. You'll meet goddesses with unique abilities during your explorations. You can overcome each new game challenge by establishing the best party and equipment combinations and developing your unique combat stance. Lastly, seize exclusive Relics to increase your Ultimate skills' power and gain an edge over your opponents.

During the game, players are required to make decisions that can result in a variety of outcomes based on the selections they make. The mission will be to travel the globe and discover the hidden secrets surrounding Eros with a group of people. Destruction of all the deities and gods is necessary to save humanity from extinction, so be sure to do so.