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Tenkafuma Hack
1.7.3 для Android
сен 21, 2022
77 MB
Требуется Android:
Android 5.0+

You can play so many online games. It is an amazing Mod for Android users to use Tenkafuma Mod APK. Furthermore, this mod has already been tested. Therefore, this mod is more secure on Android smartphones and other devices with the latest version. Moreover, this mod has a fantasy or fiction-based storyline that makes it more appealing to audiences.

The show will also feature a large amount of frank content that will appeal to its fans. The players will, however, conquer the world. There are, however, many other leading characters who act as defenders. In order to defeat them, you must employ a variety of strategies.

In addition, Tenkafuma Mod APK was developed by Game Arts in Japan in 1991.

Tenkafuma is a multiplayer game in which players control the central characters. This fantastic game is also available for you to play. You can download this tool for free from our website. It is more secure to use this game on your Android smartphone. You can download this APK from our site since this game isn't available in the Google Play Store.

What is Tenkafuma MOD APK?

Tenkafuma is a Japanese-style action game that has been popular in Asia for many years. Developed by Koei Tecmo in 2006, the game is still in production. As a powerful samurai warrior, players take control of Tenkafuma in feudal Japan. It is known for its intense action and challenging gameplay.

Tenkafuma is available on a variety of platforms, including PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. There is also an English version of the game, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Tenkafuma is a game that combines action, adventure, and strategy elements. Those who enjoy a challenge and want something different can enjoy this game. Those who enjoy Japanese culture and action games should not miss Tenkafuma.

A fiction or storyline game is Tenkafuma. To begin with, there is the story of the kingdom, where women are the majority. Despite this, the women conquer the world with the help of Strook Shun. The girl's kingdom is at war with him. Attempts are made to kidnap and conquer the queen by Load de Strook Shun.

In this game, the player can defeat Strook Shun's load with the help of gameplay characters. The player should also carefully select the most potent female warrior character to fight Strook Shun. Furthermore, the player represents the only hope for the people of the kingdom.


Tenkafuma is an exciting puzzle game! Battle your way through over 50 animated Hscenes using your wits and strategy. Be careful, one wrong move could spell the end of our heroic hotties. For those who make the right choices in battle, there are plenty of rewards to be had. Get ready for some hot action by putting on your thinking cap!

With tougher puzzles to solve and more rewards to earn, Tenkafuma apk offers an even more challenging and exciting gameplay experience. Be sure to check out the Tenkafuma mod apk if you're up for a real challenge!

Features of Tenkafuma MOD APK

  • No conspiracy exists, no responsibility to save the world.
  • The sponsor banner layout can be removed.
  • Playing does not display any ads.
  • Storyline with a lot of action.
  • Defeat the Demon King, break all the rules, and conquer the kingdom.
  • Removes unwanted permissions and deletes recipients.
  • A close player popup can be selected.