Gacha Lavender MOD APK APK

Gacha Lavender MOD APK Tải về cho Android 2024

Ứng dụng bởi:
Gacha Lavender
Phiên bản:
v1.3.4 cho Android
Cập nhật vào:
Thg9 26, 2022
Kích thước:
334 MB
Yêu cầu Android:
Android 5.0+

If you had the opportunity, which organization would you like to join? Create your own anime characters and outfit them in clothes that reflect your own sense of style to start the party off right.

There are tens of thousands of hairstyles, clothing items, weapons, and accessories available in this game. You should make your way to the Studio after you have finished creating your characters so that you can place them in any location you can imagine. Animals and other things can be arranged however you like against any of the backgrounds you choose. It will not cost you anything extra to personalize the products.

A truly unique experience can be had when players create their own characters in video games. The students are allowed to reimagine ten main characters and ninety supporting characters. You will earn a large majority of things in this game that are able to change color as you progress. There are 600 different stances that can be animated using the posing capabilities of the figures.

Making purchases in the shop allows you to completely customize your player character. The color of their eyes, hair, clothing, and even the individual strands of hair on their head can be changed. Various creatures and accessories can be customized by selecting them from a large catalog of options and then adding your own unique touch. Make sure each of your fictional characters has a distinct personality.

The player's only task in Gacha Lavender is to create anime characters and join them in epic parties. Each character will be able to wear a unique style due to the variety of costumes available. Furthermore, the publisher promises to add more new content for players to choose from. Would you like to create your own story and appearance for each character? Discover this game right away by downloading the APK below. Your Gacha characters can be transformed into the style you want to make them stand out.

Various characters can be customized

Gacha Lavender is a fashion design game for Gacha, so you won't have too much trouble accessing it at first. More specifically, you are able to choose from a wide variety of characters with a variety of different styles in this game. There are currently 10 main characters and 90 secondary characters available in this game. Every character has a unique appearance and story. Your fashion style will therefore be customized based on the available information.

You can choose from thousands of accessories and outfits

The player will immediately begin changing the appearance of the main character after selecting a character. For more details about how to personalize your character, visit the store. Specifically, you can customize your eye color, hair color, outfit style, accessories, and much more. Players will be able to select from a variety of options within each category.

Also, the instant transformation of the character will allow you to feel the change immediately, offering you other options until the most optimal customization is found. Additionally, the game allows players to change the color of most items in the store to suit their style.

Pose the character as you see fit

As well as the poses of the characters, their fashion style will be greatly influenced by them. After choosing a successful outfit, an impressive pose will help your character stand out more. It's something Gacha Lavender understands. There are more than 600 different poses for players to choose from in this game. There are many ways in which these poses can transform your character. Make sure all of your options are optimal before making a final decision by trying many poses.

Studio features give everything a stunning appearance

Before creating an avatar, players can refine all the essentials related to the main character. Place your character in any position on the frame for the best harmony, or even add pets and decorations. For your main character to stand out, make sure you choose the right background and foreground.

Additionally, you can add a chat box to allow the characters to communicate. This is one of the most important steps to make your Gacha stand out. It is therefore recommended that you spend a lot of time customizing in Studio mode if you want to own a satisfactory Gacha. Once all stages have been completed, you can import and export any character you like.

Cartoon graphics are nice

We were really impressed with the picture quality of Gacha Lavender. Featuring a beautiful graphic style, this game promises to please many players with its anime style details. Furthermore, the interface layout is also very intuitive. On the screen, you can see a variety of customization options, enabling you to make changes immediately.

Create your own characters

  • Customize 10 main characters and 90 extra characters!
  • Change the colors for almost all of your items!
  • Choose from 600 different poses!
  • Adjust your hair/eyes/items to fit your characters!
  • Choose and customize hundreds of pets and objects!
  • Set custom profiles for all your characters!
  • Import and Export your friend’s characters!