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v8.0 对于Android
9月 24, 2022
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Android 5.0+

Forbidden Playground Apk is a product we are very familiar with. Forbidden is one of the most popular adventure games. After Forbidden was developed, its popularity grew greatly, and more and more people enjoyed it. Forbidden 2022's version 8.0 was released earlier this week.

Forbidden Playground APK is required to access Forbidden's premium features. The 2022 MOD version 8.0 can be found in this article. By reading about its features in detail, you can enjoy Forbidden 8.0 2022 Edition. You can download Forbidden 8.0 Mod APK here!

You may have to spend a lot of time collecting Forbidden in-game currency in the early stages of Forbidden, depending on whether you have the original Forbidden installed or if you are paying in-game money to become stronger. You'll always have to invest time and money into adventure games.

By avoiding these two problems, it is possible to fully enjoy Forbidden Playground APK. Forbidden Playgrounds can be downloaded and installed easily. Right away, you can enjoy the fun.


  • You will lose your coins if you do not pay attention to the obstacles in your jungle adventure. In this jungle adventure, your super mission is to run through the jungle while avoiding obstacles.
  • Sometimes the forest sage wants you to ask him what he wants from this forbidden forest!
  • In this mysterious jungle adventure game, coins are your power, so time doesn't matter!
  • In this super adventure game, you will experience the jungle adventure like no other!
  • Introducing a new lens that offers Super Vision. Due to the fact that not all obstacles are known, it takes a lot of cleverness to consider them all.
  • Adventure awaits you as you become a jungle man and hero in this world of magic and wonder. You'll be jumping, running, and smashing your way across a variety of nature platforms in this jungle adventure game.
  • The first version of our jungle adventure game, Forbidden Adventure, is now available!
  • Besides super levels and jungle environments, another version was released as well.